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The Client

MindfulMeal are specialists in meal planning for busy families. Their focused and comprehensive web & mobile application help the health conscious individuals to generate balanced meal plans as per their health needs and the taste preferences.

The Challenge
  • Design a web application that helps the users to generates balanced meal plans as per taste preferences & health conditions
  • Develop a diet management system to suggest meal plan for entire family as per taste preferences & health conditions.
After the birth of Giri’s (Founder, MindfulMeal) first child, he noticed that his family had started eating poorly. The birth of a second child worsened it. He spoke to a few other families and realised that he wasn’t alone. Consistently eating healthy wasn’t only time consuming but also complicated.

That’s when MindfulMeal was born.
Our initial jogging on the subject to gain essential clarity around the seed idea.
startup idea
Giri was bootstrapping and had nothing else but the passion to solve the problem. We knew it wasn’t just about “building technology”. But much more.

We almost became co-founders with Giri!
We plunged heavily into studying the problem, competition & target audience with Giri.
We built initial prototypes of the product to help Giri get to the next round of funding. 
UI and UX experts
With more funding coming, we built the MVP, the effectiveness of which led to venture capitalist funding for the future phases.
web and mobile application development company
tech startup
The product received good traction and we focused on making the technology more robust and scalable. 
And as we write this, it makes us feel really proud to see Mindful Meal entering Series A funding.

Giri is today happier, wealthier and of course, healthier.
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