Mindful MEal


Mindful Meal’s vision is to deliver customised meal plans to busy families by using sophisticated mathematical models through a web application. The founders were looking for a technology partner that would help them understand what it would take to translate their vision into reality. This led them to #DreamToIPO.




MDLIVE is an affordable online, on-demand tele-health services provider network that connects users quickly to board certified doctors who are available 24hrs a day, through confidential, live and secure video or phone conference. Founded in 2009, MDLIVE is the future of healthcare taking medical care to the patient anytime, anywhere.




Adam Lane Robinson, the promoter of Robly Digital Marketing, was keen on designing a digital campaign creation and execution platform that provided a level of customisability and depth of functionality that no other competing platform offered. After evaluating a shortlisted 3 possible vendors, he picked #DreamToIPO to be his development partner.




Christian Sommerauer has been online since 1994. He wanted to create an easy to use platform that is beneficial to the idea/project owner and also the agile supplier. We worked together on that dream.


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