Some things that we're really good at


And here, a sneak peek into our processes and inside stories. Feel free and download.


Our Estimation Process

Estimating is often "Guesstimating", but if done the right way you don't have to sacrifice accuracy.  This document will help you understand the dynamics of estimation and identify the optimum information a client should look for in an estimate for a project. 


Tools we use for Project Development

 With the experiences gathered through 100+ projects, we have developed a way to enable the efficient and successful delivery of medium to large scale projects with the use of these tools. Find out more about them in this document.


Best Practices for Requirements Gathering

This whitepaper outlines the best methodologies for collecting requirements in an offshore model across diverse clients and different geographies. It also documents the success factors we have found to be important in mitigating risks, thereby making the process of requirements gathering in an off-shore context more predictable and robust. 


How we handle Rails Migrations

"Should I migrate to the current version of Rails?".  This paper begins by addressing this very basic question.  If it does turn out that you are better off migrating to current version, then this paper talks about what you stand to get when you migrate, and also a quick look at how we handle migrations at #DreamToIPO.